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  • The Other Side Of Innovation book coverInnovation needs people

    William Poundstone (2013)

    “Are you smart enough to work at Google?” is an enticing challenge. Behind the questions, and the analysis that goes with them, is the insight into how companies approach innovation: what type of person do they want to be innovation within their business. There are also some hints about the management of innovation – and, if you relish a challenge, the chance to find at least one solution that might get you hired at Google!

    The Other Side Of Innovation book coverThe other side of innovation

    Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble (2010)

    Drawing on their research, the authors make the point that many businesses have evolved to serve their markets efficiently and profitably. In doing so, businesses may have matured in ways that their early creative growth phase may have been overtaken by red tape and bureaucracy. This is not to say that the adoption of processes (or red tape) is a hindrance to a profitable business, but such processes can hinder radical innovation. Incremental innovation is a very effective tool when the objectives are clear, the resources are well-defined, and the management processes are coherent, but the oft-desired ‘disruptive innovation’ is much harder to achieve within such a culture.The other side of innovation.

  • Grounded InnovationHighlighting Innovation

    Grounded Innovation was founded in 2009 by Antony Hurden. The company was conceived out of a desire to assist organisations with the challenge of turning innovation into reality – working with clients in the successful commercial exploitation of new ideas.

    Effective consultancy delivers appropriate solutions to clients, to meet their needs at a specific time. This means that each assignment is unique to the conditions and needs of the client. Grounded Innovation is part of an international network of experienced professionals with experience in a range of industries and consultancies. A key service we provide is to identify what experience and competences are needed for a client, and then to provide them in a timely manner.

    Antony’s experience in consultancy draws on his background in physics, engineering, photonics, and product development within light engineering companies. It has provided him with numerous years experience in creating innovative technology concepts and managing their transfer to the market.

    Having worked for global blue-chip organisations and niche market manufacturers, it was clear that there was a need for greater emphasis on client interests rather than those of the supplier. With that vision, Grounded Innovation was established to offer services precisely tailored to meet the client’s requirements.

    Grounded Innovation has an open approach to each project. The company recognises the importance of each client’s individuality, timescales, different working styles and needs.  Grounded Innovation fosters an environment based on listening carefully to the client and working with them, and professional partners, in an atmosphere of trust and understanding to achieve the necessary results, within the defined timescales.

    We have a wide variety of skill sets that enhances any project team. By offering an informed, experienced, wide external perspective, new opportunities can be identified and previously unrecognised challenges can be tackled head-on and resolved quickly. This genuinely client-centric methodology delivers increased value to projects.

    Grounded Innovation is based in the East of England, home of many centres of excellence in technology and innovation. The business is located near to Cambridge University and the city’s network of science and research parks. Grounded Innovation, however, has an international perspective with recent clients operating in the US, China, and mainland Europe.

    Antony Hurden (Managing Director)

    Antony Hurden bio pic Grounded Innovation is a knowledge-based business that was founded by Antony Hurden in 2009. It provides a range of services to organisations that face the challenge of managing technology transfer and the imperative to innovate, and are either limited by resources or experience. Managing technology development and innovation are difficult and risky tasks, which, without appropriate experience, can lead to costly and time-consuming mistakes.

    Before creating Grounded Innovation Ltd in 2009, Antony Hurden worked for over 15 years at one of Cambridge’s leading innovation and technology companies (Sagentia Ltd). Previously, he has worked at various engineering and high technology companies ranging from multi-national (Xerox) down to SME size (12 employees, as part of the management team), including time at the Ministry of Defence, in positions from development engineer up to senior management.

    He has a combination of business, engineering and technical, management, communication, and innovation skills, which he uses successfully in facilitating innovation and technology projects in both public and private sector. By focusing on the best outcomes for clients, he has been successful in operating at all levels from laboratory through to board level.

    With degrees in Physics and Applied Optics, Antony spent his early career working inside engineering companies to transfer ideas from the laboratory into the market place. Combining this perspective with the principles of consultancy, Antony is able to apply his experience and knowledge with companies to unravel the complexity of introducing new and rapidly changing technology into a business in ways that will be profitable and meet the client’s objectives.

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